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Here is a bit more detail on how we produce our independent yield forecasts


We are the only independent Black Sea crop forecasting service run by agronomists reporting from the field.

Where we operate

Our focus is on the grain-producing giants of Russia and Ukraine, but our work often takes us elsewhere across the Black Sea, so we never miss the opportunity to report from other regions.

Which crops

Wheat and corn, but we also provide updates on barley, canola, sunflower, and soya.  Let us know if you're interested in another crop and we'll see how we can help.

How we do it

Basically, we spend a lot of time in fields looking at crops.

Our background is in farming and agronomy, a lot of which has been done in the Black Sea, so we are very familiar with checking crops and forming an opinion about possible yield outcomes

Over the years we developed and refined appraisal techniques that help us produce objective assessments of crop conditions.

We also have a network of barometer farms, agronomists, crop scouts, consultants and the like, that provide us with further insight. 

We take our crop appraisals, what we think about crops from our field visits, official planting hectares, feedback from our friendly farmers, and weather information, to help us determine our yield forecasts.

Science, maths, experience combined.


We send out regular emails throughout the season with our latest forecasts and any other observations we think you should know about, such as possible quality issues.

We are also available to answer questions by email or phone.

Any questions?

Feel free to get in touch to chat about what we do.  

Use the contact form or email us direct at

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